Summer workers and interns

Are you starting a summer job, seasonal work or internship at the City of Helsinki? This section will provide you with useful information to support your onboarding and practical tips to help you get started with your work. Remember to read the rest of this website’s content for new employees as well.

© Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners
© Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners
Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

A responsible summer workplace and a valuable source of experience

The City of Helsinki is a member of the Responsible Workplace community. Among other things, this means that we treat all of our employees fairly, offer meaningful tasks that foster development, and conduct a proper orientation to introduce you to the job.

The city also offers internship or thesis work opportunities to students who need to fulfil an internship as part of their studies. The City of Helsinki is committed to providing interns with onboarding that will prepare them for their work and help and guidance during their internship period. It is our goal to offer high-quality summer work and internship experiences to everyone.

Before you begin your summer work or internship

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    Agree on when you will start

    Agree with your supervisor on when your first working day will begin: Where you will come, at what time, and who will meet you. If the arrival instructions seem unclear, do not hesitate to ask for additional information. This is also a suitable time to ask if you need to take something special into account; for example, does the job require you to dress a certain way for safety reasons?

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    Submit a tax card if you are employed by the city

    If you are entering into an employment relationship with the City of Helsinki (does not apply to unpaid internships), remember to send your tax card and bank account number to Talpa for salary payment. Talpa is the Finnish name for the city’s Financial Management Services. Please do this at the latest by the time the employment relationship begins. If you don’t have a tax card, you can request one via the Tax Administration’s online service My Tax.

Workplace operations

Please find answers to some of the questions you may have about your work for the city below.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Employee benefits apply to temporary employees too

If you are employed by the City of Helsinki and your work period lasts at least one month, you are eligible for many of the same benefits permanent employees receive. For example, you can use city bikes for free, eat at a reduced price in the city’s staff restaurants, and get half-price admission to Helsinki’s outdoor swimming pools. Ask your supervisor for more information on employee benefits.

Tips to support your work

Make the most of your summer work or internship

Your summer work or internship at the City of Helsinki is a unique opportunity to learn new things, develop your skills and get a feel for different jobs and career options. That’s why you should try to make the most of it! Here are some useful tips:

  • Think about what you would like to be able to do or learn at work and tell your supervisor your wishes. You might get assigned tasks that interest you and accumulate new skills.
  • Ask your colleagues to tell you about their work and their career to date. This is an effective way to get valuable tips and ideas for your future work or studies.
  • Ask for feedback about your work and performance as an employee. When you are looking for your next job, for example, you might be able to explain your strengths and skills better.
  • Be curious and ask questions about the work: Why are things done this way? Your understanding of the goals, significance and influence of the work you do will increase as a result. You might even learn something that would not otherwise have come to light.

Take care of your health and wellbeing

It is important that you feel good and can cope well, not only at home and in your free time, but also when you are at the workplace. Eating a variety of foods and getting enough exercise and sleep will help you cope at work and have energy for other things as well. Invest in recovering from your workday by doing pleasant and restorative things that you enjoy after you clock out each day.

Duunikoutsi app provides support

Download the free Duunikoutsi app to your phone and you will gain access to a range of tools and services that can improve your workplace wellbeing and help you identify your skills and strengths. The app also has material that can help with your future job search, like inspiring career stories.

The Duunikoutsi app was developed by an organisation called Economy and Youth TAT, in collaboration with the Oikotie job search website, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture.

Interested in working for the City of Helsinki again in the future?

Are you interested in working for the City of Helsinki after your summer work or internship ends? Check out the links below to learn more about working permanently for the city and the available employment opportunities.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners