Welcome to the City of Helsinki team

Congratulations on your new job! Here’s your chance to get to know the City of Helsinki and its operations better. This website provides new employees with general information on the city and what it is like to work here. If you are a new supervisor, summer worker or intern, you can also find sections just for you. You are warmly welcome to the City of Helsinki team.

The City of Helsinki is Finland’s largest employer, with over 38,000 employees working in different positions across the city’s divisions and public enterprises.

Working for the City of Helsinki

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki has a positive impact

Your work for the City of Helsinki will be meaningful and make a difference. You’ll be able to work closely with the city’s residents to improve municipal services.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki is one-of-a-kind

Every city employee has a part to play in keeping Helsinki’s unique identity and vitality alive. Our team works together to ensure that residents and visitors alike enjoy their time in the city.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Marek Sabogal / Helsinki Partners
Photo: Marek Sabogal / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki is responsible

The City of Helsinki is committed to promoting diversity, equality and non-discrimination in its operations. Our supervisors are fair-minded and put people first.

Photo: Marek Sabogal / Helsinki Partners

Photo: Aleksi Poutanen / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki has a great work-life balance

Helsinki has one of the best work-life balance rankings in the world. As an employer, the City of Helsinki knows that life is about more than just work; everyone should have the opportunity to lead a full life.

Photo: Aleksi Poutanen / Helsinki Partners

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki supports your professional development

The City of Helsinki is a stable and trustworthy employer. Our comprehensive operations provide our employees with a wide range of opportunities to develop and advance in their careers.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Award-winning employer for the promotion of fitness and equality

The City of Helsinki was named Finland’s Most Active Workplace at the annual nationwide sports award ceremony, Urheilugaala, in 2021. This was the result of Helsinki’s resolute work to improve employee fitness with an in-house service that promotes exercise and physical activity.

The City of Helsinki was also recognised with a Responsible Employer Act award for its non-discrimination efforts (Työelämän Vastuullisuusteko) in late 2020. The expert jury praised Helsinki’s long-term work to promote diversity and equality.

What is it like to work in Finland?

The Welcome Helsinki website can answer all of your questions about living and working in Finland. For example, the Working in Helsinki section provides information on average salaries, taxation, and working hours, as well as standard workplace behaviour and expectations. Check it out today!

How the City of Helsinki is organised

The City of Helsinki is made up of a total of nine divisions and public enterprises. Each of these nine has its own important tasks. The names of these divisions and enterprises are listed below, followed by their Finnish acronyms in parenthesis. City employees tend to use these acronyms regularly in their daily work, so it will be good for you to learn them. Click on the headers to learn more about each division or enterprise, as well as the professions and responsibilities of its employees.

City of Helsinki Administration

The City of Helsinki is led by an elected City Council. A Mayor and four Deputy Mayors are appointed by the City Council for each four-year council term. A City Board, Central Administration and four Divisions round out the city’s administration, along with various committees and subcommittees.

Shared operational methods at the City of Helsinki

Listen to some of our employee’s thoughts on the importance of ethical principles in the workplace. To access the English-language subtitles, please click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video.

We adhere to the following ethical principles

As a City of Helsinki employee, you will be expected to commit to the city’s ethical principles. Ethical principles sit at the heart of all responsible operations, healthy workplaces and general wellbeing at work. They are the principles that bind us together and steer us towards fairness and truth.

  • The underlying premise of every facet of our work is to be of service.
  • We seek at all times to do things just a little bit better.
  • We emphasize treating people honestly, justly and equally.
  • We have zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, inappropriate treatment and sexual harassment.
  • We comply with all rules and regulations associated with the city.
  • Data systems are all duly protected.
  • All forms of corruption and impropriety are prohibited.
  • We provide prompt assistance and reach out to support the most vulnerable.
  • We make sustainable development a priority and work to mitigate climate change.
  • Together, we develop and uphold an ethical operational culture.

We treat each other professionally and respectfully

The City of Helsinki wants to be workplace where everyone feels comfortable and enjoys their work. We follow a zero-tolerance policy for any form of inappropriate conduct, bullying or harassment. We make it a priority to treat our customers and all the members of our work community in a professional and respectful manner.

Sopuisasti Stadissa (Harmoniously in Helsinki) introduces new employees to the City of Helsinki’s operational principles. These principles are meant to foster a pleasant workplace atmosphere and day-to-day work. In addition to tips for building a good working community and daily routine, the guide contains information about where to receive assistance and support if a problem arises. The complete text is available in Finnish only, but an English-language summary is attached below.

Employee benefits at the City of Helsinki

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Hobbies, fun experiences and an easier commute

As a city employee, you enjoy many benefits. Among other things, you can eat lunch at city cafeterias for a reduced price, use vouchers for discounts on public transport, enjoy reduced prices for a range of free-time activities, and holiday at no cost on a city-owned island on eastern Helsinki’s Kallalahti ridge.

Read more about employee benefits

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Helsinki now and in the future

Helsinki City Strategy 2021–2025

The Helsinki City Strategy lays down Helsinki’s guidelines for the future. The City Strategy is updated every council term. The guiding principle of the City Strategy 2021-2025 is that Helsinki is a place of growth. The 13 priorities of the strategy are listed below. Which do you feel are most important in terms of your work? 

  • The most equitable and effective place to learn
  • Ambitious climate objectives and nature conservation
  • Art and culture as enablers of a good life
  • An international city of equality
  • Cultivating safe neighbourhoods with distinctive identities
  • A smoothly functioning and beautiful city
  • Intelligent traffic solutions underpin smooth transport
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of Helsinki residents
  • Responsible finances as the basis for sustainable growth
  • Helsinki is an attractive employer
  • Data and digitalisation help run a smart city
  • International workers and businesses find Helsinki appealing
  • Promoting Helsinki’s interests nationally and engaging in international cooperation
Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners
Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

A carbon-neutral Helsinki by 2030

One of the goals of the current City Strategy is for Helsinki to achieve carbon-neutrality by the year 2030. Once this goal is reached, operations in the city will no longer contribute to global warming. After this important landmark, the City of Helsinki will next set its sights on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

The City of Helsinki has already made significant strides in this effort. Carbon emissions in Helsinki were down by a third in 2020 when compared to 1990 levels, even though the number of residents had increased by 150,000. Calculations estimated a near 49 per cent emissions reduction per resident during this same period. It is clear, however, that Helsinki must cut larger volumes of emissions more efficiently, if it hopes to meet its goal of carbon-neutrality. A carbon-neutral Helsinki is only possible if Helsinki’s local government, businesses, organisations and residents work together.

The City of Helsinki on Social Media

The City of Helsinki social media accounts are primarily in Finnish.

The City of Helsinki Divisions also have their own social media accounts which post information primarily in Finnish.

Photo: N2 Albiino / Helsinki Partners

The City of Helsinki’s services

Some City of Helsinki services such as schools, libraries and community centres have their own social media accounts. You can find them on the City of Helsinki’s main hel.fi website under the sections highlighting the service, or you can search for them on the social media channel directly using the channel’s search function.